Banknotes below are in direct sale. Please contact me through phily@philynota.com

    Five Turkish Liras (8 USD)                            Ten Yugoslav Dinars (100 USD)
    Ten Turkish Liras (12 USD)                           One English Pound (55 USD)
    Twenty Turkish Liras (20 USD)                    One Qatari Riyal (8 USD)
    Fifty Turkish Liras (35 USD)                          Fifty Russian Ruble (8 USD)
    One Hundred Turkish Liras (55 USD)         One Hundred Russian Ruble (20 USD)
    One Malaysian Ringgit (8 USD)                    Twenty Thousand Mongolian Tugrik (45 USD)
    Two Singapore Dollars (55 USD)                  One Saudi Arabian Riyal (8 USD)


    I am just a rookie notaphilist (
    a collector of banknotes, paper money or plastic notes) who collects banknotes from all around the world during my trips. I admit that my collection has still potential for an aggressive expansion :) However, each banknote of mine is a unique part of my original collection.

    So if you would interest in any of my banknotes, make me an offer. Or, contact me through phily@philynota.com for just about anything.

    Take care and namaste.