• One Australian Dollar (1966)

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    One Australian Dollar

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Reserve Bank of Australia
    Serial No: DGP 097924
    Series: 1966
    Condition: UNC

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    Banknotes of Australia - Former Series
    The $5 note was not issued until May 1967. The $1 (10/-), $2 (£1), $10 (£5), and $20 (£10) had exact exchange rates with pounds and were a similar colour to the notes they replaced, but the $5 (£2/10) did not, and so was introduced after the public had become familiar with decimal currency. Notes issued between 1966 and 1973 bore the title "Commonwealth of Australia". Starting from 1974, the title on the new notes only read "Australia" and the legal tender phrase was also changed from "Legal Tender throughout the Commonwealth of Australia and the territories of the Commonwealth" to "This Australian Note is legal tender throughout Australia and its territories". The $50 note was introduced in 1973 and the $100 note in 1984, in response to inflation requiring larger denominations for transactions. The one dollar note was replaced by a coin in 1984, while the two dollar note was replaced by a smaller coin in 1988. Although no longer printed, all previous issues of Australian banknotes are considered legal tender.