• One English Pound (1960-64)

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    One English Pound
    Queen Elizabeth II
    Bank of England
    Serial No: EN58711796
    Series: 1960-64
    Condition: UNC

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    Front: Queen Elizabeth II. Bank of England logo. Back: Bank of England logo: Britannia seated next to a pile of
    coins and a shield, holding a spear and a laurel or olive branch. Watermark: Vertically repeated effigy of Britannia in
    profile. Predominant colour: green. Design: Robert Austin. Signatures: L.K. O'Brien (1960-61);
    J.Q. Hollom (1962-66); J.S. Fforde (1966-70) (Chief Cashier). Printer: Unknown.

    Courtesy of Banknotes.com