• Fifty Turkish Piastres (1940)

    Fifty Turkish Piastres (1940)
    Very Rare
    Cümhuriyeti Merkez Bankası

    Serial No: A17 336390
    Series: 1940 (The Sinked Ship)
    Condition: AU
      İsmet İnönü (front)
      The Parliament (back)

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    Why is it called the “Sinked Ship Series”?

    On its way to Istanbul, the City of Roubaix Supply Ship transporting 50 Turkish Piastres ( P133 ) which was printed by Bradbury Wilkinson in the UK  and 100 Turkish Liras ( P137) printed by Thomas de la Rue was docked to the port of Piraeus, Greece, on 6 April 1941 for supply. However, the ship sank along with warship Clan Fraser due to the German war planes’ bombardment of the harbor. In the following days, Turkish Government decided to cancel both banknotes when Greek salvaged the ship and released the currencies to the market. 

    As it is seen in this banknote, all 50 Turkish Piastres (P133) and 100 Turkish Liras ( P137) in this series carry the traces of water since all of them were salvaged from the sea. That’s why the series is called “The Sinked Ship”.

    Courtesy of Osmanliparalari.com
    Translated by Philynota