• Ten Tunisian Dinars (2006-11)

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    Ten Tunisian Dinars

    Elissa Fondatrice de Carthage
    Banque Centrale De Tunisie
    Serial No: 3501034
    Series: 2006-11
    Condition: F

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    Front: El Abidine Mosque in Carthage; The large "7" represents the coup d'etat of
    7 November 1987; Phoenician Princess Elyssa (Elissar, Elishat), founder of Carthage;
    Back: Roman ruins in Dougga (Thugga*); Parabolic satellite antenna;
    Watermark: Queen Elissa founder of Carthage.

    *Remark: Dougga was originally a fortified Berber village (Thugga meant "pastures"). Later, it served as the seat of  the Numidian king Masinissa in the 2nd century BC. The Romans occupied the city in the late 2nd century BC. Dougga declined under Byzantine, then Vandal, occupation. Dougga was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

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